Our Teachers


Carolyn Meier– Director & Teacher

Carolyn has been the director of the preschool since 1987. She has degrees in Elementary and Early Childhood education and never tires of teaching 3 and 4-year olds. You will always see her with a genuine smile on her face!

She has wanted to teach little children since she was little herself. Carolyn and her husband, Tom have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren – Gracie, Luke, June and Rachel. Besides children, Carolyn adores her two cats, Stinkie Winkie and Pumpkin Pie. She also loves DUCKS and can be found traveling south to Eugene on many Saturdays to watch the Ducks football games. Other favorite activities include summer swims, long walks at Jenkins Estate, vacationing on Orcas Island and enjoying all kinds of music. At Bethlehem, she has also been a leader of Stephen Ministry and Crosswalk.


Laiva Hoffman- Teacher

Laiva has been a wonderful addition to BLP. She has a joyful energetic spirit with the children, and they love her!

Laiva is an active member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and is currently working toward her Master’s Degree in Education at Portland State University. This past summer she volunteered for Vacation Bible School and was the memorable character “Dr. Paws.” She and her husband, Jeff, have two beautiful children, Megan and Trevor.  In her spare time Laiva loves to read, cook and spend time with her family and friends.

Preschool Aides

Mary Heck – aide in Mrs. Meier’s 3′s and 4′s classes.

Mary has been on the staff at Bethlehem Preschool for over 12 years!  She adds joyful singing and dancing to the classroom. In her spare time, Mary enjoys singing in the church choir, baking, reading, sewing and spending time with family and friends.

Nicole Huffman – aide in Mrs. Hoffman’s 3′s and 4′s classes.

Nicole is so positive, caring, and energetic.  You will almost always find a smile on her face!  In her spare time, Nicole and her family are often outdoors hiking, fishing and camping. She also enjoys cooking, all music and spending time with family and friends.

Lunch Bunch

Sherryl Boitz (AKA “Grandma Sherryl”) Child-Care Provider

What would we do without Grandma Sherryl?! Sherryl is our Lunch Bunch care provider, but she does so much more!

As a Linfield College graduate, she worked as an audiometrist, testing children’s hearing throughout Washington County public schools.  During the summers she also worked as en educational assistant with NW Regional Education Service District doing early intervention programs with preschool and primary children.  Since her “retirement” she has served as both a volunteer and part-time staff member at Bethlehem Preschool.  Reading readiness is a real love as she enjoys teaching children through Bible stories and other children’s literature, what an asset to our teachers and students she is!

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Staff

Brenda Shults, Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

BLP is assisted in the office by Brenda Shults, who you will probably get the pleasure of meeting if you come into our church office to register!

Brenda shares a wealth of knowledge and previous school administrative experience with our preschool.  A wonderful asset to BLP with her strict attention to detail, she has all of us well taken care of!

Eric Oswald, Youth & Children’s Minister

Eric Oswald is Youth & Children’s Minister at Bethlehem. You will see him wandering the office and halls preparing for the week’s Sunday School kids program activities, as well as for the youth group kids at BLC (Bethlehem Lutheran Church).  You will often see Eric leading preschool chapel time, making the kids laugh, think, and believe that God loves them and is always in our hearts.


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Jeff Shearier, Pastor

Pastor Jeff Shearier serves BLC as a trusted and honored spiritual leader, but also serves on the preschool board.  He often is seen at chapel time, and provides a positive message to the children about God’s love.  He enjoys time spent with family and friends. Among his interests are hiking and exploring new places.

Preschool Board of Directors

Kellie Boelter– Chairperson

Stephanie Heldt– Vice Chairperson

Jeff Shearier– Church Staff Representative

Kelly Hjemelemend– Secretary

Pam Schiemann–Treasurer

Carolyn Meier–Preschool Director & Teacher/Staff Reprsentative

Randy Whitten–Parent At Large