Our Teachers

Mrs. Hoffman

Laiva Hoffman- Director/Teacher

This will be Laiva’s 6th year at the preschool.  She is currently attending Portland State University where she will be gradating this spring with her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.  She and her husband have a daughter in 7th grade and a son going in 4th. Her family have a 60-gallon aquarium with fun fish that have proved that they even can have interesting personalities. In her free time, Laiva enjoys to run, read, craft, cook and be with friends and family. She is excited to take over the directorship of the preschool and the new and wonderful opportunities she hopes to give to its families as well as the congregational members at Bethlehem. She classifies herself as an early literacy “geek” who loves to provide as many opportunities for children to develop not only these skills but their social and math skills as well.

Miss Becky

Becky Healy- Teacher

Becky is excited for a new year at preschool, opportunities for fun, and adventures to be had by children and adults alike. Becky and her husband have three children and are members of Bethlehem Lutheran, she is a co-teacher for a Sunday school class for 5th and 6th graders. Family hobbies include photography, hiking, movies, music and history. Their love of history brought them into the hobby of Civil War reenacting, they can be found a few weekends through the year helping to portray life as it was in 1863.


Preschool Aides

Miss Melissa

Melissa Kennedy- Mrs. Healy’s Aide

Melissa has been working with young children for the last 12 years. Before coming to the preschool, she ran a licensed daycare while raising her own children until they started school. She and her husband have a son who is starting 4th grade and a daughter starting kindergarten. She spends time volunteering at their school on her days off since being around children is her passion. Her hobbies include spending time with the family doing outdoor activities such as going on hikes at the park or camping and cooking and baking. She loves animals, and has a cat and dog, which are very much a part of the family.

Miss Emily

Emily Heck- Mrs. Hoffman’s Aide

Emily is new to our Preschool Program but has been working with children offering her serves as childcare for church activities such as Vacation Bible School.  She is interested in going to school to possibly become a teacher.  She enjoys spending time with friends while not working. 

Lunch Bunch

Grandma Sherryl

Sherryl Boitz (AKA “Grandma Sherryl”)

What would we do without Grandma Sherryl?! Sherryl is our Lunch Bunch care provider, but she does so much more!  As a Linfield College graduate, she worked as an audiometrist, testing children’s hearing throughout Washington County public schools.  During the summers she also worked as en educational assistant with NW Regional Education Service District doing early intervention programs with preschool and primary children.  Since her “retirement” she has served as both a volunteer and part-time staff member at Bethlehem Preschool.  Reading readiness is a real love as she enjoys teaching children through Bible stories and other children’s literature, what an asset to our teachers and students she is.

Preschool Secretary

Miss Mary

Mary Heck

Mary joined us this year as our secretary.  Prior to becoming our secretary, Mary, worked as an aide for 13 years.  She is excited to fill a new role and still be very much as part of our student’s lives.  

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Staff

Eric Oswald, Youth & Children’s Minister

Eric Oswald is Youth & Children’s Minister at Bethlehem. You will see him wandering the office and halls preparing for the week’s Sunday School kids program activities, as well as for the youth group kids at BLC (Bethlehem Lutheran Church).  You will often see Eric leading preschool chapel time, making the kids laugh, think, and believe that God loves them and is always in our hearts.


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Jeff Shearier, Pastor

Pastor Jeff Shearier serves BLC as a trusted and honored spiritual leader, but also serves on the preschool board.  He often is seen at chapel time, and provides a positive message to the children about God’s love.  He enjoys time spent with family and friends. Among his interests are hiking and exploring new places.

Preschool Board of Directors

Jim Cullen- Chairperson

Amy Hoffman- Vice Chairperson

Kathleen Stewart- Treasurer

Yvonne Lindow- Secretary

Jeff Shearier- Church Advisory

Joy Gahlen – Board person